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Being a distiller and a Travelling distiller is now endangered more than ever

50 years ago there used to be a distiller in each village in Bourgogne. Nowdays we have been reduced to a dozen and we still carry out this tradition.

Our distillery is based in Beaune captital of the finest wines in Bourgogne.

After the wine selling, we will start our wintery tour  which will take us from Paris Hopital in Pommard passing through Moroges.

We distill grapes and lees wines from the most beautiful-landscapes of Burgundy.

We will also show up at Saint Vincent Tournante in Vezelay

"Preserving the tradition of travelling distiller" 



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Craft Distillery in the heart of burgundy 
Distilling all wine products from the best vineyards of Bourgogne 
Producing Pomace, Fine and Brandy from Pinot Noir and Chardonnay 

65 route de Seurre (276,03 km)
21200 Beaune, Bourgogne, France


Tel : + 33 (0)6 27 13 19 94


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