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The spirits industry is looking for more and more perfect products and more and more universal tastes to please as many people as possible.

To all those who have toured the world of these so-called "perfect" products, we suggest here trying to bet on "creative" spirits, they are expressive, creative, irregular but very much alive.

Meet SAB’s Spirits! SAB's is the nickname of Mathieu Sabbagh, the man who decided to craft living spirits by hand to revive original spirits, planted in the Burgundy soil, exactly as the winegrower does with his plots and his grapes.

Nestled in Beaune in the heart of Burgundy, SAB's is at the controls of a "travelling" still, a very special still because it moves and distils in the village, that is to say at the place of harvest as one could do it in the last century. This is how SAB’s can distil the best of Burgundy, Le Pinot Noir and Le Chardonnay in Beaune but also in Meursault, Gevrey-Chambertin and Pommard. 

The copper still with three vases captures the flavours and aromas of Burgundy grapes in the vapour, often considered the best in the world.

The distiller tastes each batch as it comes out, and directly chooses the exact point of "cutting" of the distillation.

SAB’s keeps its hand on the famous red wheel visible on the side of the still. Because it is this command that allows him to adjust to the millimetre the cuts that sign the start and end of each distillation.

The brandies first rest in small 228 litre Burgundy oak barrels. They mature for many years at room temperature, hot in summer and cold in winter.


The bottling is done by hand in brown apothecary bottles sealed with a wax cap which will be coloured differently depending on the product.​

​ All production takes place in the SAB’s Spirits workshop, in Beaune, capital and historic heart of Burgundy wines. 

And it was during the big sale of the Hospices de Beaune, on the third Sunday of November 2019 that SAB's presented a preview of 4 creations that revive forgotten classics such as Le Marc, La Fine or La Poire and open up new avenues news with Le Gin.



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Craft Distillery in the heart of burgundy 
Distilling all wine products from the best vineyards of Bourgogne 
Producing Pomace, Fine and Brandy from Pinot Noir and Chardonnay 

65 route de Seurre (276,03 km)
21200 Beaune, Bourgogne, France


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